How to keep moving

Around you the mud is thickening, the weight is dragging you down and the water has risen so that you feel like only an air pocket is between you and final annihilation. At times I don't know how anyone survives down here! Who believes the world is a magical place? Or is it just a dungeon? So much struggle and doubt pulls us left and right in tidal swirls. Surrender to the flow of the current, but our habits scream louder and we keep on fighting. Then the sun comes out and leaves start to glitter, roses shimmer. If I just sit and breath, connecting my heart to joy, smiling and lifting my heart upwards towards a sense of the heavenly home, the weight lifts and refreshment eases my burdens. Le


An adult friend of mine has been training with the Prince's Foundation in heritage building skills, they even have £100 monthly bursary to study! The apprenticeships are also open to young people. Be part of the lucky group who train with this high profile and top quality team. Artists and architects will also be interested in the Summer Schools. I wish I had another lifetime to learn all these amazing skills! #princesfoundation #apprenticeships #training #heritage #thatching #artsandcrafts