Updates & FREE Workshops!

Our next free workshop, that will be open to the public, is at Sutton Women's Centre (registration required and women only, please) on the 23rd May, in this session you will learn wet felting techiniques and make a wet-felted giant Fuchsia. the techniques you learn can be used at home to make all sorts of lovely things, we can also provide follow-up sessions to teach you some more skills. Please note we have moved the dance session to the 18th July. The women's centre workshop will be closely followed by a Bank Holiday workshop at the Pavilion Cafe in Beddington Park where you can have a go at dance, clay and felting. If it's too wet we will be inside the cafe, but we hope the gazebos will b

Home Educators Meet Biodanza

Our lovely artist, Olga Bastable, lead a Biodanza workshop with a group of home educators last week. Mums, dads and all the kids joined in a very lively, envigorating session! We just love the way it brings people together XXX

Arts Network Sutton

Buzzing Arts Scene in Sutton? Definitely! We were encouraged by the number of people who turned up yesterday at the Devoted Disgruntled event organised by Arts Network Sutton. Artists are creative by nature and have always been putting the arts into the community. We know that the arts support health and well-being and that's why artists have been taking their skills into community centres, hospitals and to anyone who is open-minded enough to invite us in. Researchers are finally catching up with us and a move towards arts on prescription services is well on the way, looking at savings of £11.55 against every £1 spent, how can this not make sense?

Pencil Stew!

REVIVE has taught us a thing or two about working in a hospital environment, all the artists had to attend an Induction Day run by Epsom and St Helier Hospital Trust. We now all have the highest rating DBS checks available and have learned the importance of sterilising our equipment before we work with the patients, and keeping it cleaned when use is shared! That's why I spent this morning washing and sterilising pencils and collage materials!