National Lottery Funding!

We are happy to announce that we have just received confirmation of an award from the National Lottery Fund, we really look forward to putting more smiles on people's faces this year! The award will benefit: Patients in St Helier Hospital Clients of Oaks Way Community Centre Clusters Centre for Adults with a Disability Sutton Women's Centre Link Cafe in Merton, for victims of Domestic Violence The Public at CAOS, Carshalton Artists Open Studios, where we will run an open workshop. "Receiving this award is a mark of quality of the work you are doing in your community. We want to help you to celebrate it and will publish details of your grant award on our website on 04.06.2019 and send inform

Final Fuchsia Exhibition

This is your final chance to see the Fuchsia Exhibition, a hanging garden of wonderful blossoms and magical vases created by local community

"Stained Glass" for St Helier Hospital

Team Imagineers artists, Simon Honey and Hana Horack, assisted by Hassan Horack, are working on the glass painted panels for St Helier Hospital's Acute Stroke Unit. The O'Mahony corner is going to be brightened up by the installation of four toughened glass panes which we are painting based on a design selected by patients and staff. We have been using paints from the Vitrail range by Pebeo, the colours are very intense and can be mixed and worked just as one would with normal paints, the effects of 'spreading and bleeding' continue for quite a while, so after a few hours quite a range of new patterns emerges. The current images only show the process of laying out the design (we printed our