We have had an amazing year and hope to continue running art and dance workshops for all of you. Creativity really is the art of wellbeing and the arts have a huge role to play in supporting our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. Don't underestimate art, dance and any other creative activities.

Sutton Women's Centre Mural

Two weeks ago we installed the Sutton Women's Centre Mural. The group is really happy with the result and feel their building has been really brightened up! It was quite dingy before. If you want to see it pop by 3 Palmerston Rd, Sutton SM1 4QL.

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Workshop today at Waterloo Action Centre, with Olga Bastable, it was a pleasure working with such enthusiastic and naturally talented participants! Heart to heart is the way to be.


Once again we have teamed up with Olga Bastable, Biodanza teacher extraordinaire. She will be hosting a Biodanza Xmas Workshop on 7th December and artist Hana Horack-Elyafi will help you make wet-felted hearts using merino tops.