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Team Imagineers Fuchsia Project

Awards for All application Letter of Support

Artists will be running 8 workshops over 12 months. The workshops involve dance, clay and felting. Participants will learn new skills and share in group dance activity as well as creating their own pieces of work to be exhibited at the Europa Gallery as part of a large scale installation. The Final exhibition in Sutton will celebrate their work, bring the groups and a wider public audience together. At the private view we will run workshops that the public can benefit from.

Each workshop starts with Biodanza, a series of exercises and moves that aim to promote self-esteem, the joy of life and the expression of emotions. This will be followed by working with natural materials to reinforce tactile senses and connection with nature through the use of clay and pure merino wool and silk fibres. These group sessions work to strengthen friendships, restore connections between people and aim to aid in the expression of the individual’s authentic identity.

To work with you we need to gather evidence that our project meets any of the following criteria for your group:

  1. People have better chances in life – with better access to training and development to improve their life skills.

2) Stronger communities – with more active citizens working together to tackle their problems.

3) Healthier and more active people and communities.

Can you tell us in your own words how this project could fulfill the above requirements for your group and tick any of the following that apply to your group.

  • The project might have benefits to your group as well as individuals

  • More stimulation and movement orientated activity that develops meaningful activity and improves quality of life by promoting engagement with others through group activity.

  • Develop life skills such as critical thinking, understanding and following steps in a process, dealing with failure, creative expression, seeing things through, contributing to a team effort.

  • Activities that involves the whole group encouraging development of new friendships

  • Engaging people both mentally and physically in an activity.

  • These workshops offer respite and relaxation through dance and creativity.

  • Helps people with stress / anxiety.

Please feel free to add any other benefits / comments over the page.

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