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Russian Christmas & The Fuchsia Project

Creativity and the Art of Well-being Workshop

We are inviting you to celebrate a Creative Russian Christmas! This will be a family gathering with three arts activities: create beautiful fuchsia flowers from wool and silk; make a ceramic vase and join together in a celebratory Biodanza session. The work you make will be exhibited as part of the National Lottery Funded, Fuchsia Project, run by three artists for the charity Team Imagineers, so all sessions will be free of charge.

Evidence shows that creativity is the art of wellbeing and is a force for improving health, reducing stress and mitigating social inequalities. 'The Dance of Life’, Biodanza is a process which improves vitality and well-being. There are dances and exercises for co-ordination, for letting go and for relieving stress.

About Hana

Hana Horack is an artist who also runs workshops with all age groups and abilities. She has exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition and ING Discerning Eye and took part in the first annual Carshalton Artists Open Studios (CAOS) which has had over 6,000 visitors.

About Simon

Simon Honey, is an eco artist. He works regularly on murals in, for example, local schools and libraries. He has run willow workshops and junk sculpture projects. He has also managed large-scale community arts regeneration projects and is a trustee of local charities, as well as running the community allotment.

About Olga

Olga Bastable studied at London School of Biodanza for three years and has been running her weekly classes on Friday at Hugh Cubitt Centre in London since 2014. Olga had has over 15 years of experience in facilitating meditation groups, festivals and managing charitable educational projects.


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