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Conversing Around Good News

"Despite the lady who tutted when I asked her if she would mind switching her car engine off if she was going to sit in her car waiting for a while. (Climate Change)... despite my GP ringing leaving a message, asking me to call him back (but not leaving his phone number), then the confusion that resulted in calling him at both Surgeries and still not getting to speak to him, as he wasn't yet at either...despite the cold grey day and my achy back..... despite all this, yes despite all this! Some good news.....

D'Oyly Carte have written to say they are giving us £xxxx to work with kids at the Marsden as specified in our application to them!" (Simon Honey)

"Despite you worrying about Climate Change (Gaia is already tackling that, though we may not like her solutions), despite inconsiderate GPs (we'll all be Skyping our appointments soon), despite cold grey days (remember when Decembers used to bring everything to a halt?) and despite achy backs (have you tried the Alexander technique?), despite all this..... EXCELLENT NEWS AND WELL DONE to everyone concerned.

Look forward to hearing more details." (Trustee)

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