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Wig Success

No, this isn't a party political broadcast, it's a happy post about successfully making our first wig!

Hana suggested making a wig to a 5,5, year old cancer patient at The Royal Marsden School Room, she didn't really expect the girl to say, "Yes" to making a wig and was pleased to see her dedication in rolling strands of Merino wool and Angelina fibres into what are actually the same thing as dreadlocks.

Never having made a wig before, Hana was having to think on her feet, not quite sure whether to make the hat base first or do the whole thing in one go. Finally she decided to work it in one go. This involved laying out two layers of dry wool to sandwich the template for a hat (basically a large crisp packet cut into a circle). First a layer of wool, then the template (which has to be smaller than the layers of wool) and then another layer of wool, the edges were then folded around the template so no edges show through. On top of this they piled the dreadlocks. After an hour of both Hana and the patient making the strands and having lots of fun making up stories about the witch who was going to wear the wig, Hana added soap and water to the hat and dreads and fulled as normal.

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