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Everyday Heroes!

We want to support our community through creativity and want to invite you to contribute to ceramic murals that commemorate the "Everyday Heroes" who are enabling us to get through this crisis.

We have been asking ourselves, "How might we support people through this crisis, using creative practices, and create something, as a community, that would commemorate the "Everyday Heroes" who enable us to get through this crisis?"

We came up with the idea of creating a series of ceramics murals made of hundreds or thousands of white and blue hearts, and running online classes. Your funding will help us buy materials, set up the classes and fire the clay hearts. There are 8 ceramicists who are ready to get to work and will, socially distant, help you make a heart to contribute to the installation. If we raise enough, we would like to pay the ceramicists an honorarium from the funds raised.

The more money we raise the more materials we can buy, the more artists we can involve and the more of you can contribute! There could be a nationwide community participating in the creation of hearts, angels or stars. All collective art pieces will be displayed inside or outside buildings. So far we have confirmed offers of wall space from St Helier Hospital and the Royal Marsden, Sutton.

Made with love to honour and nurture love in unity and beauty. Contact us on

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