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The Everyday Heroes Project has reached Guildford! Surrey Adult Education College is going t be working with their students to contribute hearts to this community project! We would like to thank Anemeca of Crafty Ideas Pottery for inviting her colleagues to join us!

Emma Fenelon, creator of mythical, evocative pottery, is a Heart Hub in Peckham.

Also Claire Chandler, a local artist who paints the most wonderful paintings, came round this morning and collected a big bag of clay to share with her students in Sutton.

Adrienne Roberts, creates beautiful organic inspired porcelain and was the first artist to join us and for that she deserves special mention!

And last but by no means least is Fay De Winter, who has taught thousands of people how to work with ceramics and makes very special work indeed.

This is going to be truly heat-warming, already participants are telling us how much fun it is and how special it is to feel they are making something that will become a permanent legacy!

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