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A good start, £1000 for kids with cancer (£5000 to go!)

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Thanks to the Royal Marsden Sutton, we recommence our wellbeing art workshops for children with cancer on December the 8th. We have a target of £6000, and are raising £800 through

But we need a push on crowd funding to continue this work that brightens childrens lives!*

Any Shares on socials/donations you can do = Coool!


*“Children who participated in various forms of drawing interventions exhibited enhanced communication with family members and healthcare providers...were able to better express underlying emotions, developed more effective coping skills, and experienced a reduction in adverse side effects.

Implementing a drawing intervention or other forms of art into the holistic care of a pediatric oncology patient may assist in maximizing quality of life and allow for a more tolerable lifestyle.

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