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Artivism...Activism... We all need to be active in our own way, taking the steps we can to support our planet and each other. Artists can play a big part by, for example, demonstrating creative uses for waste, connection to nature, raising awareness.

We can also demonstrate kindness, respect and responsibility. It's enough to speak a word of truth kindly.

Squirrels Scrap Scheme, near Morden, has tons of materials to make just about anything.

Solo Wood Recycling on Factory Lane, Croydon, have all the timber you need.

Bristle and Brush make artisan, vegan watercolours.

Below some ecoprinting rests from Hana Horack-Elyafi

@art_for_trash @hanahorack-elyafi @bettysbeautifullife @bristleandbrush

Francesca Busca, bathing in bottle caps.

Esra, of Bristle and Brush, flexes her paint mixing muscles.

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