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Ecoartivism 2

Common wisdom tells us we need to be careful about our resources, that everything has limits. Commonly we would prefer to live without limits and the restrictions of taking care. It seems that only the wealthy can achieve that.

Is this true?

Did you see the court case between you know him and you know her?

Did they look like they have reached happiness and contentment through their huge resources in wealth?

An inner awareness tells us that we are unique and special, "I am the only one in Creation just like me and I am connected to the Joyful Infinite." Along the way this gets twisted up and turned around into fear and doubt, greed and anger.

The resources of the Earth are limited only by the generosity of the Creator. Belief, respect and kindness can change everything.

We all start with a blank canvas.

Here are pieces of Muslin and wool, washed and dyed with foraged natural dyes.

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