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Everyday Heroes Update

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Calling all Heroes! This project is turning into a veritable dot to dot of connecting people in kindness and creativity! People are coming together in a way that is making this project very special. We are super grateful for the generous donations of clay and glazing materials from Mayco Glazes and Potclays, we are about to start glazing some of the work, this is going to be a long slow process!

Emma Fenelon has been sharing the project in West Norwood and Peckham.

Croydon University Hospital Stroke Unit (CUH) has confirmed their participation in the project, OTs are going to take in the clay and work with us via Zoom and video to help patients make hearts.

Agata Nowak has shared to Ringwood Primary School and Croydon College and will be working with Neal Vaughan of Coulsdon College to make hearts with their students.

Honeywood Museum will host a temporary exhibition in July as part of Locals Diaries Lockdown activities.

Students in Guildford are working with Anamica, Pottery Nomad and we hear that Surrey Adult Learners may well be joining in.

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