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This Lockdown is turning into a lovefest! We were asked to glaze some work for the Royal Marsden, one of their teenage patients does not have a good prognosis, we're praying for her. A tutor delivered the mugs, but we didn't know what glaze was used on the items. It turned out to be Mayco Stroke and Coat, a one fire glossy glaze, this was a revelation as we thought we would have to fire everything twice to get a glossy glaze. Being somewhat cheeky, we wrote to Mayco and asked them if they would be interested in supporting our project, even though they're based in the USA!

Lo and behold! this morning we received an email from Potclays, saying that they and Mayco will donate some materials! How amazing is that? We think it's a sign from the Heavens that this project is just meant to be out there, spreading love and gratitude :) #everydayheroes #potclays #mayco #covidhearts

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