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Mural Making at Sutton Women's Centre & Anger

It has been a genuine pleasure working with the ladies of Sutton Women's Centre. The centre does so much good for the community as women are the heart of the community, if the women are happy then everyone else in the family are happy.

Sutton Women's centre supports hundreds of women every year through the most difficult times, it's an honour to have been able to offer activities that give reassurance, build confidence, reduce stress and increase friendships as well as developing so many skills: drawing, painting, ceramics, decision making, working collaboratively... This project has been sponsored by London Catalyst and generous donations we received through Just Giving--thank you everyone!

The phots show some of the ladies drawings and paintings that were then developed into ceramics pieces. They will soon be installed on the walls of the Women's Centre, complimenting the existing mural that we made some years ago with a different group of ladies.

So many of the women who attend the centre are survivors of domestic abuse. Horrific statistics show that, worldwide, one woman a day is killed through domestic violence, usually caused by an angry outburst. Uncontrolled anger kills. Alcohol is a major contributory factor.

Support each other, be kind. If you can't control your temper, please get some support.

Anger is not a bad thing, we need anger for self-defence, it can be channelled to help us achieve our goals, but it needs to be controlled, letting it rip is often the last thing that's good for you or anyone around you. Here is a link to some anger management advice

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