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National Day of Reflection Everyday Heroes Mural

Finally, after months (years) of planning and making and hoping, the mural will be unveiled. The final assembly will take place on the day, to give people a chance to have a look at the work in progress...we'll be in the Thomas Wall Community Centre, Robin Hood Lane, Sutton, from 9am.

The hearts were made during the Covid Lockdowns as part of a community keep community in spite of isolation and to honour the sacrifices of everyone and especially the NHS.

Thanks to Jeff Richards this mural has found a permanent place in the Dr George Rice Community Garden. Jeff was also Instrumental in driving the creation of the garden on an abandoned plot of land. Dr George Rice was a Victorian of note: a black American doctor who was ran a local hospital and was instrumental in implementing hygiene and vaccination.

One hopes he will be happy with his new garden and the mural.

The ceremony is open to all. There's going to be some poetry and, as a mixed faith event, prayer. @adrienneroberts4221 @clairechandlerart @neal_vaughan @faydewinter @edoyleceramics @emmajfenelon @potclays @maycocolors @sfceramics @patricia.fivey @dr.georgerice.communitygarden

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