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Police Brutality and Injustice, Hong Kong and Around the World

I don't think anyone alive is ignorant of the multitude of injustices being perpetrated around the world. Police brutality was highlighted with the death of George Floyd. People being evicted unfairly from their homes. Whole neighbourhoods being demolished to make way for theme parks.

Team Imagineers have been asked to support an event happening on the 21st July at Cryer Arts Theatre on a topic around social injustice. We were contacted via our website and have since been liaising with Richard Choi, connecting artists who have come up with some fascinating ideas for the event.

Remember those suffering from police brutality and other injustices that happen in Hongkong and all other parts of the world. David Wong, a cello player from Hong Kong, will perform at the event. David will play “Johann Sebastian Bach’s Suite No.5 for cello solo without accompaniment”. David's photographic records of Hong Kong, particularly at numerous spots where police brutality took place will accompany the performance. This is a work in progress. We will update you here!

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