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Wow! When the Universe wants a plan to come together nothing can stop it! Meetings have been juggernauting along relentlessly leading to this exciting point.

The mosaic workshops are part of the community involvement element of a project to honour women and girls who have died from male violence, and an ongoing push to combat the terrible fact that 2-3 women are killed per week by male violence in the UK alone. The project resulted from a serendipity of meetings and discussions that initially focussed on a wonderful mural and morphed into a mosaic bench.

Our artists haven't been doing mosaic for a while so some eyes lit up at the thought, it's funny how things go in and out of popularity or is it just like the new car syndrome, you know the one? When your new car is a different colour to your old one and you suddenly notice how many cars are the same colour as yours? Or is that just an arty thing?

Never mind! Mosaic is an ancient tradition and we're happy to once again be contributing something to that stream of creativity. Luckily for Hana and Samia, short notice prevented them being able to go down the route of asking the community to make hundreds of handmade ceramic tiles, and anyway, glass tiles are more resilient to frost :)

Here's an example of one of Simon's public mosaics, just to keep the men in the picture too:

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