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Updated: Jun 24, 2021

We're about to start offering our free art and movement workshops! Funded by the National Lottery and the Foyle Foundation...thank you for that continued confidence in our abilities and what we offer!

Do yourself a favour, treat yourself to creative art and movement sessions. Art and movement have been proven to reduce stress and help you to connect to a sense of contentment and peace. If you're in stress mode you can't think clearly, so regular activities that connect you to your peaceful centre counteract the stress hormones.

Our artists are fantastic, DBS checked, creatives with years of experience, OMG they're nearly old fogeys, but don't tell them that!

Some of the workshops on offer:

Movement by trained Biodanza instructor, Collaging, Sketchbooking, Journalling, Drawing, Arabesque Repeat Patterns, Sewing, Making Your Own Natural Paint and Dye.

Sessions will all be on ZOOM, unless otherwise stated when the timetable comes out.

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