This is a special project for a special time! We asked ourselves, "How might we commemorate and honour all the hard work and sacrifices made during this crisis?" After much discussion, we were inspired to ask the community to help create ceramic murals that will be displayed in public spaces, for example St Helier Hospital and the Royal Marsden Hospital.


If we have enough pieces we could install them in libraries, council offices, schools...We envisage a beautiful wave of love and kindness being shared through the making and sharing of hearts.


To support this we will be hosting live "Dance From The Heart" sessions via Facebook Live with Olga Bastable 07786 961523


DANCE every Thursday at 20:05 after the clapping to raise more money towards hearts for the NHS with dancing on Facebook Live Olga Bastable 07786961523

We are still in the process of fundraising so you can donate on our Just Giving page, but we already have enough funds to make at least one installation, courtesy of Sutton Community Fund

Just Giving


Sutton Women's Centre

020 8661 1991

3 Palmerston Rd, Sutton


  • Women only

Hana Horack-Elyafi

07960 122722 



of Crafty Ideas Pottery


Anamica will be handing out clay in the area

Emma Fenelon 

Peckham Rye, South London 

She is distributing clay and collecting hearts...

Check out her work and amazing stories!

07786 961523

Kings Lane, Sutton


Coming soon

Coming soon

Coming soon

Collect Clay in Your Area