USE THIS ONE 21.06.21 - FINAL - FREE Art & Dance workshops.png workshops

Each session is one hour.

If you know someone who is not online then we are creating Art Kits which will be available to collect from Hill House, Sutton CVS.  Check back here for  the date when they can be picked up.

Dance Therapy:
5 Weeks Tuesday 20th July 2021

The first sessions will be a movement and mindfulness session with Olga Bastable on Tuesday 20th July, via Zoom. She will also be leading sessions in our local parks (Oaks Park, Beddington Park, Ruskin Road Park and in a venue in Brighton. Olga is a trained Biodanza instructor, counselling coach and visual artist. USE THE BOOKING FORM OR PHONE OLGA: 07786961523

Team Imagineers (Sutton) are running free art, creativity and movement dance therapy workshops, these are funded by the National Lottery and Foyle Foundation. 


They will offer a chance to meet other people, chat and make friends during the workshops which will be online, via Zoom, or live workshops at venues. 


Team Imagineers is an award-winning established charity with five years experience of running these types of workshops within the community. All the workshops will be run by professional artists, and live workshops will be run according to up-to-date COVID secure guidelines. 

Part of the funding is to install a community made artwork, do let us know if you’re interested in having one installed as part of the project.

If you’re interested, do you have a venue where we can run sessions? Either for your existing clients or members of the public?


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