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Free for You

Art, Creativity, Movement, Dance.

All workshops are fully funded by the National Lottery and Foyle Foundation.

Meet other people, chat and make friends: 

  • On-location or online depending on the classes.

  • All sessions are one hour.

Not online? 

Collect a free Art Kit from Hill House, Sutton CVS, "Sutton South Hello!"

Check back here for the date when they can be picked up, or sign up to receive an email reminder (and news about new workshops).

To get stuck in (or outdoors), register your interest through our Booking Form.
See you there!​


Team Imagineers is an award-winning established charity with five years experience of running these types of workshops within the community.

  • All the workshops will be run by professional artists, and in-person workshops will conform to up-to-date COVID secure guidelines. 

Organizers and venue owners:

If you’re interested, do you have a venue where you would like to run sessions? Either for your existing clients or members of the public? We would love to hear from you! Please contact us with your ideas and suggestions.

Meet on-location; outdoors or indoors.

Join in live online (Zoom)


DIY, downloadable art projects and easy instructions to make you an artist at home. And join in with us online from home via Zoom!

Relaxing Art in Beddington Park
- Take time to slow down & relax drawing & breathe in the landscape. Bring paper & something to draw with.
- Led by Simon Honey.
- For more details click on Booking Form Here (above).


For now...

Art as an Expression of Gratitude
- Online, via Zoom, 12 sessions
- Learn drawing, how to create arabesque gemoetric floral patterns, and calligraphy
- Exclusively for Muslim ladies, as this was organised through Noor ul Huda Education's "Share a skill workshops"


Dance Therapy
- Online, via Zoom, on-going, or
- Live in person: Brighton, Sutton, and Hastings in the park
- With Olga Bastable

Let's Dance Together
- 28th September
- Dance Exercise to the music of John Lennon
-18.30 to 19.30 BST